Why change?

A conversation has started about reshaping local government across Leicestershire. If change were introduced, the aim would be to:

  1. Save money – up to £30m a year - through fewer managers and administrators and fewer councillors and council offices
  2. Join up services - reducing duplication and improving services – and protecting them for the future
  3. Provide better value for Council Tax – which could also be reduced
  4. Reshape and strengthen the role of local government - to make it fit for purpose and to strengthen the roles of its elected members
  5. Create strong links to local communities – to work more closely with town and parish councils, and to encourage the establishment of new town councils in those areas that want them
  6. Speed up how health, social care and housing services can work together – to improve support for vulnerable and older people
  7. Give Leicestershire a stronger voice - to work with the Government, investors and partners
  8. Cut red tape for businesses - to drive growth in the local economy and boost jobs
  9. Simplify local government services - to reduce confusion over who does what
  10. Improve planning for the future – to ensure much-needed new homes are in the right locations and have the necessary roads and other infrastructure such as broadband in place from the start

Starting the conversation allows people and organisations to respond to these ideas at this early stage. The ideas can be developed further.